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S3kr3t Project Kcowolf @ 11/19 7:34 pm
Yes, that's right, another secret project. I officially started it on October 31, 2002 (for anyone who doesn't remember or doesn't know, I started Columns on Thanksgiving, 2000, something about holidays). Right now I'm working on the engine to read player controls (it's more difficult than it sounds). Just some more tweaking and one or two more major features and that part should be ready. When it's done, hopefully this game will feature 2 players and AI opponents. Stay tuned!

Halloween Theme! Chibi-Usa @ 10/25 1:40 am
For now, that is :D, Autumn Springs now has a Halloween theme! But really, all I did was color the BG black and change the text to ORANGE :D Wai wai~ It stays until Halloween is over.

Stay tuned for a possible Christmas layout! This one I'm actually spending a few hours to work on, and possibly changing around the structure of the site too :D Woo~

Whee~ by Melissa @ 10/27 4:54 am

w00t Kcowolf @ 10/12 3:37 pm
Well, yesterday (Friday night) I drove to Springfield, Missouri. It's about a 2-hour drive. Why did I go there? To play Pump it Up, a Korean clone of the dancing game Dance Dance Revolution. It was actually really fun... I spent a total of 5 hours in the car (I was stuck in traffic for an hour when a trailer jack-knifed) and played the game three times. Total spent at the arcade: $5. Money spent on gas: about $6.00 each way. And it probably shaved a month off the lifespan of my poor little car, but it was really a fun evening. The arcade down there was really nice; it was busy (Friday night, you know) but the PIU machine didn't have much of a line, so it was good anyway. (Of course, I could have driven the same distance home and played Pump it Up or DDR more easily, but what fun would that be?)
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Well, that's about it. Still have no project, still depressed about it, and still need to work on the Solar Car Team webpage.


... Kcowolf @ 09/23 10:19 pm
Okay, I hate feeling depressed all the time. Doesn't everybody?

Well, I'm mostly depressed because I still have no project to do, I haven't participated in Solar Car Team as much as I would've liked so far, and I just feel like I'm wasting a bunch of time.

So anyway, I'm trying to get my act together this week. If nothing else, I want to start building my own dance platform for DDR just so I feel like I'm doing something. Other than that, I'm still hoping to start an Autumn Springs group project or some good progamming project that I can finish during the school year.

Well, until later...


Wah T.T Chibi-Usa @ 09/17 3:04 am
I spent the entirety of today setting up IMAP on my server, so I could access my e-mail from anywhere, and have a shared mailbox. I really got sick of downloading messages at one place and not being able to get them at another ^^;

Anyway~ I'm workin on a couple of layouts for a possible blog in-the-works ^-^ We'll see about that :D It's going to be BLUE :D Yupyup~ Wai!

LJ's text messaging feature is neat, but there's a very important thing missing: It doesn't tell me who sent the message! Wah ;_; So, I'm looking and wondering ^^; I remember I had it enabled before, but for whatever reason, I turned it off; and yet the thing is, I recall it sending me a from: bit before ^^; oh well~

I might throw a feature like that onto; keep the cell phone #'s anonymous, while still allowing people to send messages.

Now that I've finished cleaning up my 3 pop3 e-mail boxes into one IMAP box, I've got about 15 e-mails to reply to!~ *busy busy~* ^-^*

bwahaha by aeris @ 09/24 3:04 am
whee~! by Chibi-Usa @ 09/25 8:45 pm

Follow up to my last post Kcowolf @ 09/16 4:53 am
Okay, so I didn't go to Springfield. I called my mom and she suggested coming home for the weekend, since it's only another half-hour driving. So I played DDR and Pump it Up a total of three times over the weekend, only to find that I'm hopelessly out of shape. But anyway, I've gotten some sort of sinus infection or something so I feel sick, but at least I don't feel so irritated. Hopefully I'm going to start going to bed earlier or sleeping in later so this doesn't happen again.

As for projects, who knows?


**yawwwwn....** Kcowolf @ 09/13 4:48 pm
Okay, for anyone who really cares, here's a brief update of what's happening in my little world:

Well, I've been staying up late playing Warcraft II all week, so I'm feeling tired and grouchy a lot. And I've decided I need to get away from Rolla for a while (I haven't gone home for 2 weeks, and won't be going home until next Friday, a week from today) so I'm going to Springfield, MO for the night. Not exactly your dream vacation spot, but I happen to know they have a DDRMAX2 machine there, and hopefully that'll get me in a better mood.

Oh, and I've decided I hate trying to install Linux. Particularly Slackware. If anyone happens to have a good CD burner and a spare hard disk and is willing to pay their own way to come to Rolla and help me install a real distro, feel free. ;)

Well, I think I'm off to an early lunch. I've got a tennis game coming later today, and I need to study for an Astronomy quiz (something is not clicking with me in that class for some reason.. I go to every class, take notes, listen to the lecture, and yet none of it "sticks". Annoying, huh?), so I'll be signing off now.

As far as projects are concerned, I've decided that I have no idea what I'm going to do or how I'm going to do it. I hate programming in QuickBsaic, I can't program in C++ or TCL, and the only game I really want to program would be in complete 3D (it'd be a remake of an amazing yet underrated Sega Saturn game). So hopefully at some point I'll find something simpler that I like.


Website Wheefun~! Chibi-Usa @ 09/05 5:40 am
Yahy~ I've re-vamped my personal domain! ^-^ I decided to keep the same idea behind my layout, but it's completely re-done~. ^^ I also expanded the site's content, adding a lot more! :D

Take a looksee here: Whee~ ^-^!!

Whee~ Chibi-Usa @ 09/04 6:36 am
Long time no update, I'd say ^_^;;

Well, most of the summer went by really fast, I did a lot of travelling; visited terra, axial, and Dezy-chan, went to Shoujocon :D Excellent fun! ^-^ Went to Toronto like the week after that and visited Aeris~ ^^

Summer went by so fast, it's like where did it go? Alas, now I'm settling back down into my usual routine of going to work and what not ^^;

I was talking with Kcowolf earlier, and he sprouted an idea into my mind. I already have a LiveJournal, but I update it like maybe once every two weeks or something.'s news system works almost identical to one of LJ's communities, so I figure, why not post here instead? Which is exactly what I plan on doing. I think I'll be using this place for more than just news about stuff I'm working on, I'll post the weekly, or more often than than *^^* update or ramble on about whatever's going on.

And I'm encouraging everyone else who has the ability to post news *pokes everyone* Yup, that means all of ya! that they can do the same. ^-^

YAAAAAAAHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Kcowolf @ 08/23 7:27 pm
Kcowolf here. I MADE IT THROUGH TRIG REVIEW!!!! The test was today, and I needed to make a 15 out of 25 to pass and stay in Math-8 (instead of dropping down to Math-6). It turns out I got a 16!!! w00000!! Hopefully I'll get out of my self-imposed exile from IRC now and show up more often. Tonight I'll be heading home for the weekend, so I might stop by Tee Time Entertainment Center on the way (or rather, 35 miles OUT of the way) and play some DDR 4th+. Until later...

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